Todo es f el ic i dá.

Todo         es     f el  ic i  dá.
Bienvenido a TODO ES "FELICIDÁ", blog oficial del artista plástico, escritor y poeta Jack Babiloni.

Jack Babiloni's artwork, featured on "Timeless New England"

Monday, September 9, 2013

Jack Babiloni's artwork is featured by always amazingly clever JoAnna, editor of "Timeless New England" blog, one of the most relevant on the Internet dedicated to worldwide ART collectors, dealers and curators.

Jack Babiloni wishes to deeply thank JoAnna her awsome courtesy.

Entry's title is named "Buying Art on the Internet". You can stroll about it, here.

by Jack Babiloni.
All copyright photos: Jack Babiloni, 2013. 
Forbidden any use without Jack Babiloni's permission.

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