Todo es f el ic i dá.

Todo         es     f el  ic i  dá.
Bienvenido a TODO ES "FELICIDÁ", blog oficial del artista plástico, escritor y poeta Jack Babiloni.

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Health to you and yours and walk in peace over the beauties of the Earth!

Jack Babiloni. 

Jack Babiloni graduated with First Class Honors in Painting Specialty in Fine Arts University in Madrid, Spain (1988-1993), and started professionally working as an artist even several years before that. He started exhibiting in professional art galleries back in 1990. To date he's a professional artist for last 24 years.

In 1993 he was awarded with LIVE ART 1993 Special Research Scholarship in Gstaad, Switzerland, and being considered by Thyssen Foundation in Lugano as one of the 17 best young artists in Europe.

He also creates illustration albums and, for so, in 2008 and 2009 he was considered among the best 150 illustrators in the world in the CJ Illustration Annual in Seoul, Republic of Korea, the best illustration contest in the world at that time.

Since 1990 he's exhibited regularly in worldwide galleries and international art auctions, getting his artwork owned by private and public collections in Asia, America, Oceania and Europe. Also, since 1990, he continuously creates and paints public and private mural interventions in cities as New York (USA), Calgary (Canada), Gstaad (Switzerland), Berlin (Germany), Auckland (New Zealand), and Barcelona and Madrid (Spain), and everyday accepting and creating new worldwide private and public commissions for parietal interventions (indoors and outdoors).

He's the artist behind TODO ES FELICIDÁ (“ALL IS HAPPINESS”), his worldwide most known mural painting public intervention, created in march 2008, consisting of almost 1000 square meters outdoors fresco in a XIX century (1886) palace mansion in Madrid, Spain, painted with ancient grecolatin mythology motifs. Due to its high skilled dry-silicate process, this Jack Babiloni's 1000 square meters wall intervention is guaranteed for lasting unchangeable within the next 500 years to come.


Jack Babiloni also continuously creates OOAK furniture pieces that are artworks in theirselves, constantly purchased and owned by enthusiastic collectors around the world.

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