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Bienvenido a TODO ES "FELICIDÁ", blog oficial del artista plástico, escritor y poeta Jack Babiloni.

Purchase SACRED CAT, OOAK artwork by Jack Babiloni now for sale

As usual on each summer season since more than 2 decades, one more year -and along all this summer time 2014- Jack Babiloni will be offering for purchasing original ONE OF A KIND artworks by him, especially created for collectors and connoisseurs willing to acquire original works by Jack Babiloni at incredibly affordable and reasonable prices.

Purchase today SACRED CAT, original artwork byJack Babiloni, on this attached page:

SACRED CAT by Jack Babiloni
by Jack Babiloni
Markers and Original Jack Babiloni Seals on Board Canvas
H 11.7 inches x W 9.4 inches x D 0.2 inches

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